Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Makes this post seem a lot worse than it should, but I was desperate for a title.

Things that went well today:
-being able to study for calc and English during journalism and study hall
-the first half of my English exam (one essay down)
-getting 33MPG on my last tank of gas, which is particularly nice considering I haven't gotten full use (i.e. 30+MPG) out of a tank since last summer

Things that didn't go so well today:
-procrastinating on studying because I didn't feel like it
-the first half of my calc exam, which is sad considering I just did most of these problems and my teacher just happened to pick the ones I had problems with
-sneezing while driving, because that just sucks.

And as promised, I took a picture of my calc project:

I went with a Viking theme, hence the Old Norse runes, the sea monster as the track and the little Viking ship as the rollercoaster car. It was way too much fun.

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Laura said...

I demand to know why that dragon is not a Night Fury! :D