Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i made a difference

Well, I tried to, at least. My arm had other ideas.

After the fiasco that was my nonappearance at the October school blood drive, and the second fiasco that was my almost-passing-out at the March one, I wanted a nice, easy go this time. I got to my appointment 5 minutes early, they took me right in to fill out all the paperwork, the lady I had was really nice, life was good. They put the needle in my arm (which kinda hurt but hello, it's a needle), and it was going well for about 30 seconds when the lady called another lady over to look at my arm. I was staring at the ceiling, trying not to think about the needle in my arm, but apparently my arm decided to give the finger to the idea of blood donation and refused to give any blood beyond the juice-box-sized amount it had already given.

Apparently these things happen ... well, not all the time, but enough so that it's not a freak occurrence. I'm not sure if it's because of the weather (as it was very muggy today), or because I lost weight between now and March, or if it's a physiological thing (since I'm so ungodly pale, plus a few relatives said they had the same thing happen). But now I have a small hematoma in my left arm (not as bad as it sounds, just an inside-bruise from the blood, but it makes me look like a failed druggie), and I can't try again until August.

Luckily being a end-of-the-year senior has treated me well and I have not had anything of substance to do lately :)

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