Saturday, June 4, 2011

ending the sabbatical

After a month off, I figured I should probably come back. The drama is pretty much over, and aside from a few minor things, I'm fine now. I'll do a small recap of May.

Prom was ok, but that caused most of the drama, so that's all I'll say about that.

We ended the season 6 and 14, no clue what JV was but they were similar.

I now have therapy appointments once a week, though it's not the stereotypical me sitting on a couch and the therapist saying "And how do you feel about that?" It's more of an opportunity for me to talk to a neutral party about stuff that's going on, and it's nice to have a outside view on things. Plus I like talking and need to vent sometimes.

I created a roller-coaster, which was a lot more fun than it really should've been, considering I did it with a bunch of math equations. Eeew, math... :)

And I got to run the weed-whacker today, but it was mostly because I almost got hit yesterday trying to pull out of my driveway so I had to weed-whack our front yard so I could see better.

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