Sunday, June 5, 2011


Even though the actual awards night kinda miffed me, it got me thinking. A lot of the awards were named after alumni that had passed away, and they were given to people that supposedly had similar traits. So in a morbid train of thought, I asked myself, "If I died and had a scholarship or award named after me, what would it be?"

What I came up with was the Behind-the-Scenes Award, which basically sums up my existence: I do stuff, sometimes a lot, and hardly ever get noticed. Take band for example. Being a percussionist, I'm quarantined to the back with the worst possible section ever. So I fight constantly to keep a bunch of beating-happy teenage boys from driving the rest of the group insane. In drama, my job was to keep everything "off-screen" (if you will) somewhat less chaotic. I painted sets, organized costumes and made sure people weren't screwing around. And as softball manager, I basically did the same thing, plus providing equipment to anyone that forgot theirs.

A lot of stuff. Little to no recognition. Bit of a backhanded compliment, like winning "Most Overlooked." But I'd be happy winning it.

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Laura said...

Are you complaining?