Wednesday, June 22, 2011

about that

Yeah. Hm. Not getting lackadaisical on posting. About that.

Sorry, I haven't had much to say, plus once graduation is over I'm 1, going on vacation for two weeks, and 2, dropping DL anyway.

Guess that's it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Makes this post seem a lot worse than it should, but I was desperate for a title.

Things that went well today:
-being able to study for calc and English during journalism and study hall
-the first half of my English exam (one essay down)
-getting 33MPG on my last tank of gas, which is particularly nice considering I haven't gotten full use (i.e. 30+MPG) out of a tank since last summer

Things that didn't go so well today:
-procrastinating on studying because I didn't feel like it
-the first half of my calc exam, which is sad considering I just did most of these problems and my teacher just happened to pick the ones I had problems with
-sneezing while driving, because that just sucks.

And as promised, I took a picture of my calc project:

I went with a Viking theme, hence the Old Norse runes, the sea monster as the track and the little Viking ship as the rollercoaster car. It was way too much fun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

whatever it takes

Not in a writing mood, so I'll post this video instead.

Monday, June 13, 2011

continuity fail

Sad thing is I had the tab open to remind me to post... and then I just didn't do it.

So I might as well break the news now that among other things I'm starting over with, blogging is one of them, so once collegeness sets in, Divided Loyalty is getting the boot. I need such an overhaul in terms of style and content, and I've had this for most of high school, so a new blog would be another fresh start for me for college.

That being said, I won't necessarily be lackadaisical with posting, but I won't be so paranoid about posting every day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

sábado en español numero uno: nuestro colegio es ridículo

Nuestro colegio fue construido en los ‘60s, y necesita muchas renovaciones. Tenemos demasiadas evacuaciones; uno o dos están cómicas, pero ahora nos molestan. Ayer, había un fuga de gas durante la clase de ingles, y no podíamos entrar en el colegio hasta las 2:30. Tenía una cita con la dermatólogo a las 3, pero los autobuses estában bloqueando el estacionamiento y yo no podia salir. Era muy malo.

Y el hematoma (es un cognado) en mi brazo no me duele mucho, pero la moradura es mucho más grande. Es más verde que antes, y espero que sea casi curado.

Friday, June 10, 2011


While I may certainly do have undesirable traits, there's one thing I pride myself on, and that's being a cheap date. I almost always pay my way through something (unless it's family, somehow that's different), and if I don't, I pick to go somewhere fun and not expensive. I'll usually splurge a bit on big things, like birthdays and anniversaries, but other than that, I won't say no to an ice cream dinner.

Also, while I'm thinking of it, I really need to brush up on my Spanish before I take my college placement exam, since I haven't taken any Spanish since first semester last year. Therefore, I've decided to do Spanish Saturdays, i.e. blogging en español, so I can be not quite so rusty when I have to take that test. The only thing that might become a problem is having to copy-paste any ñs or accents, mostly because that just gets annoying after a while. If Spanish isn't your thing, there's always the handy-dandy Google Translator to read it for you.c

Thursday, June 9, 2011

like a concert

Lovely little heat wave and thunderstorm spat we've had the past few days, but last night's storm was crazy. Before I went to bed, I had no clue it was s'posed to storm, but I thought, "Hey, it'd be nice to get some rain, it's been so ungodly hot and the rain will cool everything down." And then this happened. Not quite what I meant...

Supposedly it was several smaller storms, but I got up to shut my windows and I couldn't get back to sleep because it was a constant rumbling and cracking of thunder, and the lightning was like a strobe light. It was nature's concert, but not appreciated at 2 in the morning. The first crack I heard when I got out of bed was right as I was climbing down my ladder (I have a loft bed), and it was this horrible, resonating crunch and it startled me so much I almost fell off my ladder.

And somehow, some people managed to sleep through it all. I know I'm a light sleeper, but geez...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i made a difference

Well, I tried to, at least. My arm had other ideas.

After the fiasco that was my nonappearance at the October school blood drive, and the second fiasco that was my almost-passing-out at the March one, I wanted a nice, easy go this time. I got to my appointment 5 minutes early, they took me right in to fill out all the paperwork, the lady I had was really nice, life was good. They put the needle in my arm (which kinda hurt but hello, it's a needle), and it was going well for about 30 seconds when the lady called another lady over to look at my arm. I was staring at the ceiling, trying not to think about the needle in my arm, but apparently my arm decided to give the finger to the idea of blood donation and refused to give any blood beyond the juice-box-sized amount it had already given.

Apparently these things happen ... well, not all the time, but enough so that it's not a freak occurrence. I'm not sure if it's because of the weather (as it was very muggy today), or because I lost weight between now and March, or if it's a physiological thing (since I'm so ungodly pale, plus a few relatives said they had the same thing happen). But now I have a small hematoma in my left arm (not as bad as it sounds, just an inside-bruise from the blood, but it makes me look like a failed druggie), and I can't try again until August.

Luckily being a end-of-the-year senior has treated me well and I have not had anything of substance to do lately :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Is in the eye of the beholder. For example, my calc project. I'm done with the aesthetically pretty part, i.e. making the poster for my project. I, however, am not done with the mathematically pretty part, i.e. typing up all my equations for continuity and differentiability. As I am not allowed to say that math is not beautiful, I will say that, looking at it, the actual poster will be what gets more people to stop and look at the display case, though the equations and all that fun stuff are kinda impressive too, just not to the average high schooler.

Also, as a warning to anyone who might ever want to use modeling clay, it stains your hands. It took me quite a bit of scrubbing to get my hands to an acceptable shade of green. I'd hate to find out what would've happened if I used blue...

Monday, June 6, 2011

old and young

You know you're getting old when the Royals' first-round draft pick is in the same grade as you. Sheesh.

However, I'm combating the oldness. How? I went shopping today. For modeling clay. I needed some for my calc project, 'cause there's a bunch of ugly taping jobs on my poster that I need to cover, plus I can use it for paper support. I'll try to remember to take a picture of it when I'm done.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Even though the actual awards night kinda miffed me, it got me thinking. A lot of the awards were named after alumni that had passed away, and they were given to people that supposedly had similar traits. So in a morbid train of thought, I asked myself, "If I died and had a scholarship or award named after me, what would it be?"

What I came up with was the Behind-the-Scenes Award, which basically sums up my existence: I do stuff, sometimes a lot, and hardly ever get noticed. Take band for example. Being a percussionist, I'm quarantined to the back with the worst possible section ever. So I fight constantly to keep a bunch of beating-happy teenage boys from driving the rest of the group insane. In drama, my job was to keep everything "off-screen" (if you will) somewhat less chaotic. I painted sets, organized costumes and made sure people weren't screwing around. And as softball manager, I basically did the same thing, plus providing equipment to anyone that forgot theirs.

A lot of stuff. Little to no recognition. Bit of a backhanded compliment, like winning "Most Overlooked." But I'd be happy winning it.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

ending the sabbatical

After a month off, I figured I should probably come back. The drama is pretty much over, and aside from a few minor things, I'm fine now. I'll do a small recap of May.

Prom was ok, but that caused most of the drama, so that's all I'll say about that.

We ended the season 6 and 14, no clue what JV was but they were similar.

I now have therapy appointments once a week, though it's not the stereotypical me sitting on a couch and the therapist saying "And how do you feel about that?" It's more of an opportunity for me to talk to a neutral party about stuff that's going on, and it's nice to have a outside view on things. Plus I like talking and need to vent sometimes.

I created a roller-coaster, which was a lot more fun than it really should've been, considering I did it with a bunch of math equations. Eeew, math... :)

And I got to run the weed-whacker today, but it was mostly because I almost got hit yesterday trying to pull out of my driveway so I had to weed-whack our front yard so I could see better.