Thursday, April 28, 2011


The horrible storm system that has thus far killed over 250 in the South decided to ride up the coast, so we got hit with a ton of rain. Luckily we didn't get any tornadoes, and it didn't really start raining 'til this afternoon. Pretty much every other sport got cancelled except for us 'cause it still wasn't really doing anything, so we went out there and practiced in the overcast... and mist... and sprinkles... and rain... and downpours... and thunder and lightning... then obviously we had to stop 'cause we're legally not allowed to be practicing outside if it's lightninging.

I'll be honest, in the last minutes of practice when we were all huddled together in the equipment shed and then running out to the cars, that was freaking scary. Rain is nice, thunder is cool and whatnot but not when you're right in the middle of it.

Before the barrage of precipitant scariness, I got to run some on the bases, which I haven't done since the season started, and it actually felt really good. Sure, my left hip flexor isn't appreciating it now, but it was fun while it lasted. (No sliding though, I was wearing my jeans.)


Laura said...

Is it bad that I giggled when you said "i got to run some bases"?

mandachan said...

when you do it every time...