Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what they should be doing

Among other opinions I have on athletics, the salary cap is one of the larger ones that I support. Seriously, do people really need millions of dollars a year to throw a ball or swing a stick or even purposely injure each other? Considering I will be one of many spending what will essentially be the rest of my life paying for college, I don't think it's fair, and when I see what these people do with their money and time, it's just bad.

I know a lot of athletes have foundations or whatever that they support, which is obviously a good thing. Having wasted quite a bit of time on Facebook today while trying to procrastinate doing my English essay, I came across a link that the Royals' official page posted about a charity that Alex spokespersons for (because that is totally a word now). It's called Alex's Lemonade Stand, not named after him but a young girl diagnosed with cancer that started a little lemonade stand in her yard to help raise money for cancer research back in 2000. The charity now has chapters/branches/whatever you want to call them across the country, so Alex does events for the Kansas City bit.

People always ask me why I like Alex. He's not exactly a household name (especially not in New England), and he's not a spectacular player earning bajillions of dollars a year. To me, he's an inspiration for not giving up when the going gets rough, and he's a perfect example of what athletes should be doing with their time and money.

photo from Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

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