Saturday, April 30, 2011

so much for that

2 wins in a row and a pretty good feeling around varsity destroyed by having to play the #1 team in the state. They're also #1 in being complete asses, because they won 21-0 in 5 innings (well, 4.5) and never once thought "Hey, we're killing this team, let's show some respect and not take as many bases as we can." That happened to us when we played their JV last year (the 2nd time when they no-hit us and won 26-0. The first time they didn't take us seriously at all and that's why we beat them.).

Anyway. I didn't end up going to the game (which is why I'm really pissed about the book 'cause it's all jumbly and not making any sense and now my stats will be screwed up because of it) because I had to do my NHS project and clean up the trails in back of the school. We put down some mulch on yucky parts of the trail and did a lot of trimming along the sides to get rid of the thorny crap and anything sticking into the trail. It was kind of nice because there was a massive track meet today and when a few guys from another school came down to warm up on the trails, I overheard them say something about how nice the trails looked.

Which is nice, considering that out of the 40-someodd people in NHS, only 3 bothered to show up to help me out. Luckily we got everything done so we did have some downtime, in which we ate the 2 dozen donuts that the Conservation Commission people gave us (there were more of them than us), found a killer bittersweet vine that was so thick and stuck in the tree that we used it as a rope swing, and made vuvuzelas. One of the guys wanted to see if the stem of a Japanese knotweed was hollow, so he cut a stalk down and ended up hollowing it out with a stick, and I'm not sure what possessed him to try to blow into it, but it turned into a very obnoxious vuvuzela-type thing. Naturally we made a few more and tried annoying the people there for the baseball game, lacrosse game and massive track meet.

Also, machetes might be somewhat efficient for clearing brush, but they're kinda scary. Just saying.

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