Monday, April 18, 2011

savoring the silence

Aside from the bird and car noises outside, the hum of my laptop and fridge and obviously the clicking of my keyboard.

Seriously, I am relishing in the soothing sounds of nothing. A four-day trip that involved 16+ hours on a coach bus, DC and Six Flags will get to your head eventually. I don't really consider myself claustrophobic or particularly sensitive to sounds, but I have certain requests for volume and space and not having those kinda drove me crazy by the end of yesterday. Hence why I'm going to college in the middle of nowhere.

I actually forgot to bring my DLGM notebook with me, so I didn't document it anywhere other than with my pissing and moaning. I'll just do a small pro/con recap of each day.

  • not having to go to school
  • taking the scenic route through a very nice part of coastal western Connecticut because the highway was backed up
  • driving through the part of New Jersey I've never been through, plus Delaware and Maryland
  • eating at Popeye's for lunch and not having my food eaten by someone else (I ordered the spicy chicken strips and no one touched them. It was great.)
  • being stuck on a bus for 8 hours
  • having to watch movies on the way down and therefore not being able to read (I have two books to finish by the end of break, and I was planning to finish them on the drive, but it's kinda hard to read when you have Lion King 1½The Little Mermaid and The DaVinci Code on full blast)
  • the bus AC not working on the hottest day of our trip
  • not getting very good sleep since we had to share beds, I gradually got shoved into a tiny corner of and off mine and sleeping on the floor kinda sucks.

  • taking the scenic route through parts of DC and Bethesda since the highway was again backed up
  • not getting laughed off the stage at the music adjudication
  • listening to the other groups (which were a lot better than us...)
  • the game show dinner. Food was good, and even though the show seemed kinda lame at the beginning, it got really silly and people had to do a lot of embarrassing things
  • ...we had to play 5th grader music for the adjudication...
  • the dance after the game show, not good music
  • having to lug all the percussion stuff all over the place
  • not having time to read

  • having a very interesting conversation with one of my friends about religion
  • not getting laughed off the stage at the adjudication award ceremony (we scored in the 70-80 range out of 100, so it wasn't completely horrible)
  • visiting the Natural History Museum in the Mall, because I'm a geek
  • the wicked cool thunder and lightning storm, the bolts were really vivid in some of the flashes
  • driving through said thunder and lightning storm. It had been raining pretty much all day, and there was a good inch of water on the highway.
  • getting the reject shower in our hotel room, where the shower knob had to be taped over 'cause the metal was broken and sharp and the hot water wouldn't turn off all the way
  • watching one of the other schools in the adjudication win every stinkin' award but one
  • still not being able to read much

  • finally being able to go home. I think that if I had been gone one more day, I would've gone ballistic.
  • not watching a movie on part of the bus ride so I could actually read
  • remembering I still had an entire sleeve of Ritz crackers and a giant can of Arizona sweet tea in my backpack
  • going to Six Flags and going on a bunch of roller coasters I had never been on. Kingda Ka was freaking crazy, and it was a lot of fun.
  • the fact that Kingda Ka only lasted about 30 seconds, and that I wasn't anticipating the acceleration (which actually made me scream more than the gigantic ride down)
  • having a group of people that would constantly disagree on what to go on. I seriously contemplated breaking the group rule, running away and going on rides by myself.
  • losing the remaining 65 bucks I had somewhere in the park. Hence why I was happy I still had those Ritz crackers.
  • everyone being sleep-deprived and snapping at each other about petty things ranging from whether or not we were watching a movie to when to call our parents. I was just as guilty as the next person, but everyone else thought it was ok for each of them to be bitchy but not anyone else.

...Ok, maybe "small" was a misnomer, I apologize. But hey, it got me out of doing my calc homework... and essay on Macbeth... and having to read a hellaciously boring Thomas Hardy novel...

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