Saturday, April 2, 2011


And slander!

(I don't know, it's something my friends say a lot.)

Anyway. Alex isn't actually doing all that well, and his hit yesterday (the only one so far) was actually a double, not a single.

Speaking of scoring, I spent the entire afternoon doing the book. It was nice to get back into doing the book, except when I missed something 'cause people were talking to me or whatever. Plus it went from really nice (i.e. sunny and no wind) to really not nice (i.e. cloudy and windy and cold) several times, staying more so on the not-nice side for the majority of the time. We lost 2 of the 3 scrimmages but overall it wasn't that bad, especially considering those losses were to two state-champ teams and we won the 3rd 10-4 or so.

Now, what to do for dinner...

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