Thursday, April 7, 2011

being a fan

People like to pick on me for being a Royals fan as well as a Sox fan. Yeah, usually the Royals kinda suck. But them Royals are looking pretty good right now, aren't they? So back off.

First game today. It didn't rain, surprisingly enough, but it rained this morning so we can say it rained today for this team. As expected, varsity got creamed (13-0, very easy to score since there were 19 Ks), and JV won though I don't know what the score was since I wasn't doing the book.

I was going to try to get the game on video and then edit them all onto a DVD for the end of the year, but I didn't have enough room on my memory card so now I can't do that, but I think doing a full stats package is enough of a present for the coaches, plus whatever we get for coaches' gifts.

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