Sunday, March 6, 2011

two weeks

Two weeks 'til tryouts.

I know I'm not gonna make varsity as a starter. That'd just be absurd. I've only been playing for 3 years, 2 on JV only as a backup. I highly doubt I'll be a backup player, or even a DH. I'm not on a tournament or indoor team, and I don't take private lessons. And I'd be fine with being a manager, 'cause I love doing stats and the behind-the-scenes stuff, plus it'll get me away from having to deal with the butt-wad varsity people. But I know I'll disappoint an awful lot of people, including myself, if I don't wind up making the team.

And it's not like I have a lot of options. I'm a senior. Most teams don't take newbie seniors and let them play, because most teams won't let seniors be on JV and they aren't good enough to be on varsity. And track, which is usually pretty good about letting new people in, is out of the question because of my asthma and hatred of running (except for baserunning, that's different).

So what do I have left to do? I'm not sure. But there's only two weeks left. It's do or die.


Laura said...

I refrain from making any comments about "baserunning".

mandachan said...

you know i suck at that :P