Friday, March 18, 2011


One of many things I'm neurotic about. But in terms of college information, it's a (non-existent) godsend.

Take my acceptances, for example. I had one due in November, one in December, one in January and two in February. With the exception of BU, who has a hellaciously late acceptance thingy, I heard from all of them within two weeks in December. Heck, I got accepted to two places whose applications weren't even due yet.

Getting everything else has been a little slower, but this is reason enough why I really want to go to Ithaca, because they definitely win the timeliness award. They were first to send me practically everything, including my acceptance and my detailed financial aid package. And I got accepted to their honors program today.

No, seriously, this is quite impressive. I had to fill out an application for the Emerson honors program, that was due all the way in November. I got the "nice try but no" letter yesterday. The deadline for the Ithaca one was March 15th, I mailed it out on March 8th, and I got my acceptance letter for that today. 4 months vs. a week and a half.

I was doing some thinking last night about what I want to do, and I was starting to think that a double major in journalism and Spanish wouldn't be a good idea, because even though I'd be getting the language immersion I need, it'd prevent me from taking anything else. Now that I'm in their honors program, I definitely think that dropping the 2nd major is my best bet. Having that much more time would enable to still take a bajillion language courses (Spanish as my primary but I'd like to learn some Chinese too), plus I'd have room for stuff I wasn't able to take in high school, like anthropology or psych or world history or more art. They even have individualized gym-class-type things where you can learn a sport for a credit.

Definitely feeling better today about my options.

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