Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I kinda like doing snippets post, it's maximum information in minimum typing.

First one is not really related to the others, but it's a roughly paraphrased, funny bit of dialogue during English yesterday.

me (to the EGE): Whatcha doin'?
EGE: Trying to remember digits 80-85 of pi. I have the ones after that, but not those.
me:...Did you think to look down at your shirt?
(He was wearing a shirt with several hundred digits of pi in the shape of pi for Pi(e) day).
EGE (looks down): Oh.

Next few will be YouTube videos, I apologize to those of you whose computers don't like YouTube. But the concert the other night was fantastic, so I'll share some of the songs from it.

Their first opening band, which I didn't know about, was Off With Their Heads, but I had spent almost all of their set list buying a t-shirt, so you'll have to look up their music yourself because I don't remember what they played.

The advertised opening band was Against Me! (yes, the exclamation point is part of their name). I hadn't heard much of their music, except for this song:

This was quite impressive live, especially the chorus.

The Dropkick Murphys didn't get on 'til about 9 or so, and they played a lot of stuff from their new album, which just came out the beginning of the month. The titular track, "Going Out In Style," is definitely a keeper. If you listen to the words, it's a little morbid, but they did a really good job with it:

They played a few other songs I knew from their Meanest of Times album, "The State of Massachusetts" and "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya", but I won't put the videos in here, the post will be too long as it is.

I'm personally not a huge fan of upbeat groups like these guys doing slow ballads, but they did an incredible job with "Cruel." Problem is I can't find a good video for it, so you'll also have to look for those.

They ended the set (sortof) with this, which was appropriate since the next leg and end of their St. Paddy's Tour is in Boston. Duh. It's Irish punk. And this is classic.

Of course, they had to come out with an encore. By now, the EGE and I were definitely in a rare crowd since a good portion of everyone else was completely smashed. And the song they encored with was completely appropriate:

Well, in terms of the state that most people were in, it was appropriate. The song kinda isn't (neither is the video but it's the best I could find). But it was really cool 'cause Ken Casey came out into the audience (the band was very interactive with the crowd the entire show) and basically said "Ok, don't touch me, but when the chorus comes, crush the living snot out of me." And that's what happened. He randomly waltzed with a few people, got out of the mosh pit and got into the stands to sing with a particularly rowdy group, playfully beat up a few guys, it was hilarious.

Ok yeah I know, I've typed more here than in most other posts, so it kinda defeats the "snippets" idea, but whatever. I wanted to give a little look at the concert.

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