Saturday, March 12, 2011

not pretty

My hands after going to the batting cages are never pretty. The lining of my gloves is black, which makes my hands all black afterwards, plus the obligatory blisters. The one I got last week, which was more just skin rubbing completely off, reopened itself, and now I have a legit blood blister poofy thing on the edge of my palm between my thumb and pointer finger. Not fun.

Then there's the horrific Japan earthquake. The sheer intensity of it was just insane, since it was an 8.9 and I'm pretty sure the scale only goes to 9 or 10. Now the nuclear power plants, which were having issues beforehand, are exploding.

Plus, this morning, a bus returning from a local casino (i.e. I can see the fireworks from my house in the summer) crashed in the Bronx after getting grazed by a tractor trailer, flipped on its side and ran into a pole, which sheared the roof off from front to back.

And finally, there's a pretty hefty MRSA scare now in town, after a 7th grader passed away yesterday from it. The health district said it wasn't an immediate threat, since the kid had been out sick for at least a week, but the middle school is closed for at least the weekend while they scrub the place down, just to be safe.


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