Saturday, March 12, 2011

making up

For not posting on the 2nd due to band rehearsal craziness. Besides, I have a good reason to. I haven't done a birthday post in ages.

I am going to make this one completely ridiculous... ok well it won't be completely ridiculous, since I have puh-lenty of embarrassing pictures and stories to put here and I won't (under penalty of death and/or wedgification). So here goes.

The EGE turned the big 1-8 today. Within the hour, actually (I wouldn't tell him "happy birthday" beforehand). And as much as I'd like to bust his butt here (I so totally could), I'll be the better person and not do it. Because even though he's a royal pain in my ass sometimes, he's my royal pain in the ass. Because even though he's put me through a lot of emotional stress, it's not entirely his fault because I bring a lot of it on myself (some of it is his fault, though). Because even though I want to strangle him sometimes, he's always there for me, and I can't ask for any better. Except maybe for him to not suck quite so much at catching when we throw together, but I can't play tennis to save my life so I guess we're even.

Hope this is an acceptable birthday post, you old fart :)

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