Monday, March 21, 2011

last chance

Both for trying to make varsity and for doing a legit post until June (if I make the team).

I get home, ready to eat dinner since tryouts are from 5:15-7:30, I'll throw up if I eat right beforehand and I'll be starving if I eat after. I get out the mac & cheese, rummage around in the fridge before realizing that my fridge is almost entirely filled with carbs. Not sure if I'm disturbed or elated.

(My mac & cheese, breadstick and angelfood cake with strawberries were delicious, thank you for asking.)

So since today marks the beginning of me really not having a life, I'll give out the annual warning of a possible sporadic, short or otherwise lame posting schedule.

Now off to do calc. Yay me.

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