Friday, March 25, 2011

finding my place

I'll give you a hint: it ain't on the field.

I knew going into tryouts this year that I was going to manage. Try as hard as I might, there was no way I would survive on varsity. My hitting isn't quite as consistent while facing high-speed pitches, and even if I was a good hitter, my mistakes in the field would overshadow it. As much as it sucks that I won't be able to play, it's not where I belong.

I belong behind-the-scenes. That's where I've done the most work. I love doing stats because I have a mind for math and obscure crap; I remember pretty much every score from last year, and I know the schedule better than some of the coaches sometimes. I understand the game a lot better than I can play, and when I'm on the sidelines, I notice the little nitpicky things I wouldn't be able to see if I was playing.

I have a lot more leeway with managing. I can take BP whenever I want, I can warm up throwing if someone doesn't have a partner, basically I can spend as much (or as little) time with varsity as I want. Probably the best part is the fact that I'm not just a person for the team to abuse. I'm sorta the assistant assistant coach, if you will.

Also, I still get a shiny new varsity jersey to wear :)

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