Sunday, March 20, 2011


So tryouts start tomorrow. Naturally, my anxiety is really starting to kick in. There's so much on the line, and there's a lot of uncertainty. It's not like other sports (coughtenniscough) where you show up and pretty much automatically make the team. I can't play JV this year because I'm a senior (which really kinda sucks since I loved playing in JV), and the chances of me being good enough for varsity are pretty slim. The varsity coach had talked to me about this at the end of last season, and I'll probably be a DH at best and a manager at worst.

They're really not bad options. The coaches would be foolish to put me in the field, since I'm inexperienced and there are elementary schoolers that could field better than me. I like hitting, and I did really well last year, so it would be like an honor to be used just for the hitting. I'm also a stats monkey, and I really liked doing stats for JV because I'm weird like that.

But I know that either way, I'll be torn. If I don't make the team and instead manage, I'll feel like a loser for not making the team. If I do make the team as a DH, I'll feel that the stats won't get done correctly because I'm not doing them.

I guess that I could split the difference either way; if I DH, I can do pitchers' stats since I won't be in the field, and if I manage, I'll ask to do some BP every once in a while.

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