Thursday, March 24, 2011

alright, stop

The snow wouldn't've been so bad if, you know, it wasn't March, but more importantly it wouldn't've been so bad if we had a 90-minute delay so the roads weren't so sucky. Originally I wasn't supposed to drive this morning and I was just gonna mooch a ride from my mom, but she eventually let me drive, then called me about 5 minutes after she left to tell me that the roads were sucky and that there was a car accident on one of the roads she took.

I took it slow down my road (i.e. went about 15-20, the "Hill" in my street name isn't there just for laughs), I get about halfway down and there's a car flipped. I didn't see it happen, thank goodness, and the lady had gotten out and was already calling the police. She seemed pretty ok minus the obvious shock and what looked like a broken wrist, and I felt bad for not staying, but the guy behind me was helping her out, a plow going up our street had stopped to assist and I kinda had to get to school.

Lovely start to the day, huh? And now it's magically fine and dandy again, hardly any snow left. I'm glad it stopped, but it shouldn't've started in the first place...

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