Tuesday, February 15, 2011

so much for that

One day of operational-ness. That's it. Car decided to not start again this morning, so I had to take the bus. We just replaced the fuses, so it shouldn't be that. The battery wasn't s'posedly the problem but it's charging right now just in case. And of course I had a doctor's appointment today that I was skipping conditioning for, and now I can't go 'cause I have no ride. It's on Friday now, but that means I'm stuck here doing... not-conditioning...

I had a big English test today, so luckily I got that over with. Almost 1200 words in a little over an hour of typing. I don't think I've ever typed that quickly. Ever.

And I took a calc quiz today, on stuff I should've remembered but there was always that last part I'd forget, and I'd get a brain blast right at the end and then I was fine. My process wasn't always the first one to use, but I got the right answers, so that's ok, right?

And cinnamon-roasted almonds are absolutely divine. Just saying.

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