Sunday, February 6, 2011

overthinking things

My birthday isn't until the end of the summer. But I'm already making party invites anyway :)

Overthinking things is just what I do. Trust me, I'm not really proud of it, because it gets me in trouble a lot. I look way too far into everything, from stuff my friends say to stuff that happens in school. I always think that anything anyone says to me is insulting somehow. It's why I can't take compliments because my brain thinks there's some hidden subtext that's degrading or whatever. It's why I was so offended that a lot of my friends got senior superlative awards and I didn't (the only one I might've had a shot at is Most Overlooked, but that's only because my opinions never seem to be worth anything to anyone). It's why I wind up pissing everyone off.


I'm actually a very happy camper, because my mom bought tickets for me and my stepdad to the Red Sox/Royals game on July 28th as a (really early) birthday present. I just need to make sure that the 3 of my 5 in that game don't get traded or injured. I mean, come on, there's 3 of them, chances are at least one of them should be still there, right? :)

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