Friday, February 11, 2011

not very nice

First, since I was in a bad mood yesterday, I forgot to do a birthday post for Alex. Sorry, dude. I wore the jersey. Happy 27.00273976repeating.

Second, the feline gods claimed Laura's kitty yesterday and brought little Justice to the big scratching post in the sky. Condolences to Laura and a tsk-tsk to the feline gods 'cause, well, that wasn't very nice.

Third, I got a flyer from Ithaca today about their accepted students open housey thing in April, and it's the weekend of the music trip, ergo I can't go. As it is, I'm missing a game that weekend too. But I'm a band senior, dammit, I'm going on this trip.

And fourth, Mubarak was just being a weenie by dragging out his resignation. We all knew it was coming. I can't write my article for the school newsmagazine if the story keeps changing every day.

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