Thursday, February 3, 2011

i suppose

This is a baseball blog after all, so I guess I should mention that Pettitte is retiring. I still think he's kindof a weenie, and I'm not just saying that 'cause he was on the Yankees. Something about him just bothers me. Also, his name has an awkward number of t's and it never looks like it's spelled correctly.

Our senior superlative awards thing is tonight, and even though I was Loser McLoserPants and didn't get nominated for anything, three friends that did get nominated are forcing me to go. I maintained that I'd be out of place, being a non-nominee, but then I remembered, "Oh, right, this is going in the yearbook, I can take pictures and not look so much like a loser." I wonder if I can get free admission 'cause I'm press...

In related news, "non-nominee" is fun to say. It's like the whole "anemone" thing, or "cinnamon".

And on that note, off into calculus homework, then hopefully reading some of Beowulf for English before leaving for conditioning.

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