Monday, February 28, 2011

hurting everyone

I'll probably do a better post tomorrow when I'm not in need of sleep before I juice myself (as my sister says) at the blood drive tomorrow, but I'll introduce something to think about and then do the real post tomorrow.

Since the House of Representatives took a swing towards the conservative side, I expected a lot of policies to change, but the number of religion-based ones is a little surprising, especially on the pro-life front. There was a bill proposed a while back that would redefine rape as to limit the instances in which a woman can get an abortion, the Georgia bill that would basically sentence any miscarriage as prenatal murder, all these bills based on the idea that life starts at conception.

I know a lot of people have different views, and I am perfectly ok with that. But after reading this article that the EGE sent me, I'm not so sure it's a religious pro-life battle so much as an anti-women's/reproductive rights battle. And that's not ok.

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