Sunday, February 13, 2011

hitter's low?

Not really a low, but damn I'm sore from yesterday. I guess it's a good thing I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and can't go to weightlifting. Between my hips/butt being sore from Friday's weightlifting, my torso being sore from batting yesterday and my lack of thumb skin on my left hand, I doubt I'd be able to do much anyway.

Finally got my Egypt article done for the school paper. It was really starting to frustrate me how everything was changing too quickly for me to get a good lead done. But hey, they got the bad guy out and so far life seems to be ok, and that's more important than my article.

Last night's shindig was great. We had pork and spinach wontons which were amazing, except I got the reject wontons that stuck to the pan so a hole ripped in the bottom and I lost all my filling. We also had homemade fried rice and stir-fry, and these funky egg roll things that were made with rolled-out white bread instead of the rolly things and the filling was made of mashed potatoes and a few green beans. So basically they were white honky egg rolls, but that's ok because I don't really like real egg rolls.

Dessert was probably the best. My shortbread cookie went over really well, and my mom's friend, who had come over and is going to culinary school, said that their baking sister school probably couldn't've made a cookie that good.

We watched a bit of Firefly, but we had all eaten way too much, and my mom fell asleep on the couch, and I almost fell asleep on the floor (in my defense, I had a blanket and my pillow...)

And that's my story.

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