Saturday, February 12, 2011

hitter's high

It's like a softball/baseball player's equivalent to a runner's high. It's that point where you feel as though you could just keep hitting, and it's a really nice feeling. Granted, the machine was probably slower than it should've been, but I haven't hit since the beginning of school. The only thing that really prevented me from hitting 'til the cows come home was the fact that my appointment was only a half-hour, plus I accidentally left all my stuff in my car so I had to hit with a different bat and without gloves, and it tore a sizeable chunk of skin off my thumb based on how I grip the bat. Oh well. I had a lot of really nice hits, both solid and placed properly (i.e. not straight up or straight into the ground).

I made another shortbread cookie for tonight's festivities. Hopefully this one will be as good as the last one. If not, we have chocolate chip cookies to eat instead. Besides, none of the desserts planned for tonight match the theme of homemade Chinese food, but we're also watching geeky movies which don't really match, so that's ok.

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