Monday, February 21, 2011


My sides hurt, my head hurts and I'm not exactly enthused about it snowing again. We were doing so well! I actually had sizeable areas of grass in my yard!

Book was pretty good. Some parts were definitely better than others, and some parts just didn't make sense. But overall it wasn't bad.

And I will admit that I watched some of the Daytona 500 yesterday. Started off by making a fool of myself and forgetting that it's 500 miles, not 500 laps. And then I was a horrible person for enjoying the crashes more than the rest of the race. It's the whole "And they're taking another left turn!" thing. But since this race broke the caution record with 16 (previous record was 11), we had plenty to watch. The only two people I really cared about crashed sometime between eating lunch and getting home, and I had never even heard of the guy who won, Trevor Bayne, but he's the youngest Daytona winner ever, so I guess that's cool. What better way to spend the day after your 20th birthday by winning not only a big race but your first big race?

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