Monday, February 14, 2011

caught red-handed

After *le gasp!* 3 years of underground blogging, my mom finally found my secret source of sanity. Guess that means I have to stop posting pictures of my sweatshop meth lab run by the illegitimate cannibal children of dogfighting prostitutes...

Just kidding, Mom. As you can probably tell, nothing I write here is bad in the sense of smutty content. Quality, however, cannot be guaranteed, as demonstrated by... well... most of my blogging. Especially the early stuff. Good gods.

So apparently there might be a new planet in our solar system. Rumors in academia say there's a gigundo gas-ish planet hanging around in the Oort Cloud, something along the lines of 4x the size of Jupiter and similar in composition. Not a lot of investigation yet to determine whether the planet, temporarily dubbed "Tyche" after the Greek goddess of cities and success, actually exists, but I went through school with 9 planets and I want 9 planets, since poor Pluto got demoted back in '06.

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