Friday, February 25, 2011

better rain than snow

That's for sure. It's been raining fairly heavily and nonstop since this morning. Which would be a lot of snow.

Handed in my English essay. Hopefully my teacher takes the idea of "this is just a first draft" to heart, because my essay was atrocious. My problem was knowing what I wanted to say but not being able to express it properly. Plus I was in another one of my ongoing bad moods so that didn't help.

I talked to my dad yesterday, he's doing ok but he was really hungry 'cause they wouldn't let him eat or drink anything before the tests they had to run.

And I really wanted some honey roasted peanuts for snack but couldn't find them, so I wound up eating the rest of our freezer Girl Scout cookie stash. I think it was safe, there weren't many left and they've been in there for at least 2 years, so it's not like I was eating a coveted item (even though they're reeeeally good...)

Um... guess that's it. Conditioning tonight, batting cage appt tomorrow morning, then helping out with munchkin softball signups and then going to visit my dad. And obviously homework.

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