Friday, January 7, 2011

a trilogy of ridiculosity

You know, after three years of posting, you think I’d be able to come up with a halfway-decent anniversary post. Well I haven’t. So bear with me.

As I sit here, working on my calc, drinking some eggnog and listening to my Florence and the Machine CD, I’ll try to think of something to talk about.

*insert time lapse here*

Alright, calc done. Now I can do this post, as lame as it’ll be.

Where do I even start? A lot has happened in the past year.
I got my wisdom teeth out literally the day after my 2-year post, so I guess I kicked off DL’s first year hopped up (down?) on Xanax. That was a lot of fun.
I nearly died at conditioning 4 days a week for almost 3 months, made the team as a loser backup person but wound up hitting .429 and helping JV to an unprecedented 13-5 record.
I got my license and a craptastic little ’98 Tracer named Carmine (because she’s red. And she’s a car. And she’s mine.).
I just about gave up on the 2010 major league baseball season, between Alex spending most of the year on the DL and in Omaha and Ellsbury going on the DL not once but three times for the same injuries.
I saw that fluke month or so towards the beginning of last season when 2 (almost 3) perfect games were thrown.
I worked two jobs over the summer and paid off my car.
I went to my first concert, and despite the ah-hem questionable smoking in the theater, it was awesome.
I started my senior year with a week and a half, including my 17th birthday, of my last marching band season, and I finally earned the privilege to throw water balloons, shaving cream and Silly String at the underclassmen.
I’ve gotten through AB Calc and am working my way through BC, even having lost my precalc teacher.
I didn’t get rejected from NHS again and found out how much fun it is to go shopping like a little kid in Target.
I continued with journalism, with the added stress of editorialness for the newsmagazine and yearbook.
I was probably the only one in my school who even noticed, let alone cared, when the Giants played and beat the Rangers in the World Series.
I made it through drama class and public speaking, and my stage fright has decreased (a little…), plus I stage managed and am working up to my first legit part in a play.
I’ve gotten accepted to and scholarship offers from four of the five colleges I’ve applied to (still waiting on the 5th).
I survived a laptop crash and another round of 4 Christmases.
And I celebrated 1 year of going out with the largest pain in the ass I have ever met .

I apologize for the 3 years of…well, nothing, but I really do try to put effort into this. I’ve even posted at least once every day since the end of last January. That’s huge for me. (That’s what she said.) I appreciate the followers, even though I go to school with almost all of you, and the views, even though most of them are probably me. I have a fragile and easily broken ego so this helps. A little.

Shoutouts going out to my friends for putting up with my constant crap, in particular the EGE because if I have problems in blogging, I ask him, and if I have any problems in real life, I ask him then too. Or piss and moan ‘til he smacks me. Something like that. Also to my unofficial blogging mentors, Ellie and Andrew, for showing me what baseball blogs are supposed to be like (as opposed to the crap I’ve done).

So yeah. Thanks for 3 years, here’s to more, blah blah. For this, I salute you.

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The EGE said...

Does next year start the increasingly inaccurate trilogy? I can't wait.