Saturday, January 22, 2011

thanks a lot

I went to a local softball conventiony thing, and I learned a lot, too much to write about here and now. But do you know what the overlying theme of what I learned today was? Everything the varsity coaches told us to do is wrong.

Yeah. Thanks for nothing, guys. Maybe that's why I was good at hitting last year, 'cause you guys didn't do hitting practice with us and our coaches just kinda sorta let us do our own thing.

Oh well. I'm not gonna say anything else about it. It's too late at this point, both in my career and time right now. Plus I have a sore throat to nurse. It might be strep, I've had it for about a week, but it's finals and I refuse to see a doctor til after finals because I am not coming in on make-up day because I had to be in quarantine on an exam day.
(Besides, I've already given it to everyone anyway :) )

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