Saturday, January 8, 2011

running the show

I know I don't really have any right to criticize what my editors-in-chief do, but there are a lot of things about what they do that kindof annoy me.

I'll start with yearbook. I wrote an article about the forensic science course our school offers. I did the interview and came up with a funny title, "Doing the Chicken Dance" because one of the experiments had to do with decomposition in which they used chicken legs. I even did it under pressure, since my EIC originally assigned me a different article and didn't tell me 'til the day the article was due that she changed it. So she gives me the article earlier in the week, asking for captions. Fine, whatever. Only one of the 3 pictures was of someone I interviewed, and she changed the title on me to "Dead and Dirty" which sounds kinda really stupid in my opinion. The entire plan for the yearbook annoys me too. Sure, it's a massive upgrade from the crap that went down last year, but this year's yearbook is obscenely girly. The font is all calligraphy and it's just very frilly all over and it's just bad. Not to mention that she brings her overbearing faith into everything. I don't really have a problem with her being religious, but dammit she shouldn't be including it in her work.

Now onto the newspaper. I had to write an article about people that had resolutions for the new year. I could only find one person that did. My mom had gone to the graduation party commission meeting and said they wanted a little blurb in the paper about it so people would want to go. I asked our EIC for the paper about doing a half-and-half, splitting the half-page article space into 2 mini articles. She said no to both cutting down my resolutions article and including the graduation party blurb. I understand that as a reporter (in this instance), I have no say, but otherwise I have hardly anything to put in that part of my layout, and would it really hurt?

And I'm even more sore today than yesterday, and I had to shovel our deck >:P

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