Tuesday, January 25, 2011

one down

Took my calc midterm today. I wigged out a little at first 'cause I wasn't sure what to do for quite a few of them (the last problem didn't dawn on me 'til about 2 minutes before the end of the testing period), and I kinda BSed some of the justifications, but like I said yesterday, I have to get at least a 70 on this to have an A in the class, and while I know I didn't get an A, I'm pretty sure I got over a 70 (I certainly hope I got over a 70...).

I really hope it doesn't snow, 'cause if it does, I have to take the bus in, and then because my gov exam is during the 2nd testing period, I'd be sitting at school for 2 and a half hours doing absolutely nothing... ok I'd be studying, but I'd be bored as all get-up. And I reeeeeally just want to get it done and over with.

Besides, we had a lot of surprise snow today, including a 90-minute delay (which pushed 1st block exams to Thursday but I already did my journalism essay so it didn't affect me), my car fishtailing almost the entire way down my road this morning and me not even trying to go home this afternoon 'cause the roads were that bad (I ended up parking down at the church my neighbor used to preach at and the EGE brought me up to his house to hang out 'til the roads cleared).

Basically, if it snows any more this year, I'm going to scream.

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