Sunday, January 16, 2011

making life complicated

Because that's what I do best.

I can't remember if I already mentioned this, but our winter production for drama is a collection of student-written/directed/performed plays, and I'm directing/acting/teching for it. Lots of stuff to do, I know. We did casting last week, and we didn't realize at the time that we accidentally cast the EGE for plays that rehearse on the same day, which obviously doesn't work unless we come up with a cloning machine. But we just had to come up with the world's most complicated way to replace him in my play. We could either just have Kyla, Laura's friend, cover him, or we could have him switch with one of the girls in one of the Tuesday plays. But even that wouldn't be complicated enough, 'cause he'd take my part and I'd take her part in the Tuesday play, and in my play on Thursday, she would take Laura's friend Tara's part and then Tara would take the EGE's part. Whew. I hope I can get this sorted out before Tuesday.

Also in the curveball department, I got a 100 on the calc quiz that I could've sworn I failed. I mean, seriously, I completely forgot how to do logarithmic differentiation so I did everything the long way, and I kinda BSed a few other problems. The only one I was completely confident on was one with Newton's law of cooling, which is one of the few things I actually liked because it had a practical, understandable application.

Yeah. Lots going on.

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