Monday, January 24, 2011

give and take

I finally gave in and went to the doctor for my sore throat. Good news is that I don't have strep and therefore don't need to be in quarantine during finals. Bad news is that it's just some funky virus thing and therefore has no cure. So basically I have to wait it out, hope it clears up on its own and go back in a week if it doesn't, because there's not a damn thing I can do about it in the meantime (except maybe take a vow of silence 'til Friday, which is what one of my coaches jokingly suggested). Not quite the way I wanted it to end, but at least it's not strep. Strep sucks. Especially during finals, like what happened freshman year.

While I'm thinking back to those vintage DL posts, why didn't anyone tell me how horribly my blogging was? I mean, seriously. That's just atrocious. I'm not even talking the capitalization bit.

I got a 93 on my public speaking final, which is awesome, except for the fact that the part I got points off on was the public speaking part of the presentation...
(I have a bad habit of getting colloquial and casual when I get nervous because it calms me down, so I wind up resorting to typical teenage pronunciation, like "wanna" and "gonna" and "ta". I don't do it intentionally, it just happens.)

So...yeah. Calc final tomorrow, gov final Wednesday (and then I'm out of that hellhole forever! Woo!), then a day off, then the new semester.

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