Thursday, January 27, 2011

four-day weekend

I'm kinda glad I get a four-day weekend before the start of the new semester, not exactly happy why I have it or what it'll do to the rest of the year. This is just way too much snow for the area. Driving in it sucks majorly. And if they wind up having to push graduation back, I have to cancel my vacation to Disney. And I really don't want to do that. At this point, screw anyone who is leaving for February Break (this is the first year we've ever had one in the district so it shouldn't be a problem to take it away), take days out of that or even April Break (since no one in sports can leave anyway) before moving graduation.

On a completely unrelated note, I discovered yesterday that Gmail has a feature that it can connect to either your browser (I use Flock) or your desktop to tell you when you get an email or chat thing. I know, desktop email managers do the email thing, but I think it's pretty cool, since often times I'll be working on something in either a different tab on Flock or working on a document and completely miss that someone is trying to talk to me online.

And I'm still not sure how my flan is going to taste. I spent over an hour and a half stirring the damn sugar for the caramel and it wouldn't turn brown or the right consistency (if it got too hard, I'd add ever the slightest amount of water, but then it'd be too soupy so I'd let it cook off and then all of a sudden it'd be too hard again even though I was watching and stirring it the entire time), so I kinda just threw it in the bowl, poured the custard stuff over it, baked it and hoped for the best.

And I'm kinda hungry now...

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