Friday, January 21, 2011

enough is enough

I know I was pissing and moaning when our town would be the only one in the area that wouldn't close for snow, and that we only had one snow day all year, but I think that four snow days in two weeks is a little excessive. Especially when it was only snowy 'til about 11 this morning and sunny the rest of the day.

Oh well. It gave me time to work on the craptastic journalism laptop I borrowed so I fool around some on InDesign. Because I am just that cool.

Also, I know I said I'd try to do the obnoxious fangirl thing with my 5 but I saw something on the Royals' front office blog on MLBlogs and Alex seriously needs a shave. I think he picked up the whole neck beard hairiness thing from Dan Haren or Jayson Werth or something...
(from Around the Horn in KC)
A little facial hair is ok, and I understand that, being a Nebraska native and all, he's probably used to the cold, but come on.

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