Monday, January 31, 2011

because i am that cool

One, I have successfully posted at least once a day for a full year (aside from once during the music trip where I did a prescheduled post and two guest posts from the EGE when he saved my ass).

And two, I was a big girl and emailed a college about questions I couldn't find answers to, and they responded to me. The basic gist of what the answer was was that I can basically make what I want to do work, and that I just need to talk with my academic adviser when I get to college to sort stuff out. I wanted to try a double major and possibly a double minor, and it's all very doable, they just usually have people wait 'til their 2nd year to start doubling.

New semester started today. Nothing new, really, except I remembered again why I don't like English class. For starters, everything I think in that class is wrong by default, because even though a lot of the crap is up to interpretation, my interpretation is always wrong. And when I do have something somewhat valuable to contribute, it's either unpopular to my classmates, or it's something that someone else says before me. Especially the EGE. He does this all the time. I don't know if our brains are just wired the same way (bahahaha yeah right), but a lot of our views on things are the same, and he usually gets to stuff before me, and when he doesn't, it just looks like I can't think for myself 'cause we have the same ideas.

Plus we're doing Brit lit this year, and I was just counting on it being horribly boring (like American lit last year), but we got stuff to read about Anglo-Saxon history and that side of the English language and it's honestly pretty cool. I guess it's like the whole Viking thing: if I'm going to do history, I want to go way back, where stuff was completely different.

And because it's going to snow yet again tomorrow, I'm gonna go to bed and not get up. This is really getting old. We've already had to cancel the winter drama production (and band concert), and by the end of this we won't have any February or April Breaks left.

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