Thursday, January 13, 2011


Since Facebook had to be all dumb and redo their profile stuff AGAIN, I was looking at my profile and how they have you answer a bunch of different things, like favorite sports, languages you speak, etc. They've had the religiousness bit up there for a while, and I really like what I put as my description for being an atheist.
I believe in the power of science and things that are (more or less) provable. I believe that not everything happens for a reason, and the biggest influence on ourselves other than ourselves is chance. I believe in the power of a good book, good music, and good friends. I believe in the power of having a little fun every once in a while. I believe in First Amendment rights that give me the power to speak my mind and believe what I want, even when it is the unfavorable opinion (which happens more than it really should). I believe in holidays for the sake of get-togethers, and food and presents. And I believe in equality, among gender, orientation, race and religion. So don't say that atheists don't believe in anything. We just believe in things that are real.
People always jump aboard my case to be all like "you horrible horrible person for not believing in something," and then of course I usually spit something out like that. And then I remembered that atheism doesn't mean that I don't believe in anything, it just means I don't believe in a god. Technically Buddhists are atheists because they don't believe in a god but instead in the Buddha, who was an actual guy, yet religious people don't usually get their panties all in a bunch over them not believing in stuff.

Between mythology in school, a book on religious tolerance I read over the summer and a book I just finished about the role of magic in American society, I've been somewhat familiarized with different belief systems and deities and such, and I like learning about that sorta stuff. I even reference them sometimes, like in two recent Facebook statuses regarding SkaĆ°i, Norse goddess of winter and snow and such, being responsible for the massive amount of snow we've gotten lately. I don't necessarily believe any of this, nor do I have to to appreciate the learning experience.

But what really set me off was an article I saw earlier in the week about that Kansas Baptist church that has the audacity to protest at the funerals of the victims of the Tuscon shooting last weekend. I mean, how low can you honestly get? God (in whatever form) is not punishing these innocent people and their families for America's increasing tolerance of homosexuality. Sexual orientation is not something to be punished for. This was purely chance, and only chance, and I find it rather disgusting that anyone would even put the two of those together.

A good portion of the reason why I dislike organized religion is because of groups like these that claim to be pure and wholesome and crap but pull off stunts like these. The people that are the first to say that they're the most tolerant are often the very people that are the first to shun anyone who disagrees with or challenges their beliefs. If people and God were so "good," they'd be willing to accept differences among everyone, whether based on race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

(from the Atheist Bus Campaign)

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