Monday, January 17, 2011

a's and f's

A regular feature in our school newsmagazine, but I'm applying it to various things I've accomplished lately.

An A going out, well, not to me but more to the EGE and a few of our other drama friends for helping me sort out the casting issue. I just need final approval from the writer of my play (since when I tried to explain it, I of course made it seem a lot worse than it actually was), and then I need to let our director know what's going on. So thanks guys for that.

The F goes to my cooking. I tried being all cool and making this "vaca frita" recipe from that cookbook I got out of the library, and it was going all well 'til we sat down and found out I used a little too much salt in the seasoning. I had looked at the recipe and thought that 2 teaspoons of salt was a little excessive, but I followed the recipe anyway, and it came back to bite me in the butt. And my sister decided to call me out on it about every 3 minutes during dinner. Needless to say I am not trying an entrĂ©e anytime soon. I'll stick to cookies (like the Scottish shortbread I'm planning to make today).

And the completely unrelated part of this post has to do with miniature cows. I'm not entirely sure what the rage is about, but mini animals are really popular. I mean, there's an entire dog class dedicated to toy dogs, celebrities a while back were all over mini pigs, and now mini cows are fetching a pretty impressive sum among breeders and collectors. I'm not an advocate of unnecessary genetic manipulation or design or whatever (I'm a mutt person all the way), but I do like cows, and these cows are pretty cute.

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