Sunday, December 12, 2010

rain > snow

Sure, driving in the pouring rain really sucks (especially when you're in a bad mood, but that's aside the point), but I would so rather have all this rain than the snow that the Midwest is getting pounded with. This is like Snowmageddon last year. Minnesota got hammered with 2 feet of snow. And the Vikings' stadium roof caved in. No joke. They have one of those inflate-o-dome roof things, and there was so much snow that the Teflon just broke.

Also in the snow department, the world's largest sno cone was made in Texas last week. 24,095 pounds total, with 12,546 pounds of shaved ice and 1,568 gallons of syrup, making for over 50,000 8-ounce servings. That's a lot of sno cones.

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