Saturday, December 18, 2010

pick your battles

Kindof an ironic title, considering the Senate just agreed to advance legislation regarding repealing DADT.

I know I'm bent on equality, but does a person's sexual orientation really affect their ability to serve their country? The typical lame response is that guys aren't comfortable knowing that some of their comrades might look at them "like that," but women are allowed in the armed forces, and no one complains about them looking at their male comrades "like that", or vice versa, right? At this point, the military should be happy anyone wants to get involved anymore, with all these different wars going on, and kicking them out over something like that is just absurd.

The sooner DADT gets repealed, the better. It's bad enough it was signed in the first place. Members of the armed forces shouldn't be required to hide such a large part of themselves in fear of getting kicked out of their job. Discrimination like that is pretty much illegal in every other profession, if I'm not too mistaken. This is the 21st century, society should be better than to prevent innocent people from working and serving their country over which gender they're more attracted to.

The now-famous quote from the late Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater sums it up perfectly. "You don't have to be straight to shoot straight."

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