Friday, December 3, 2010

obligatory news post

This whole thing with NASA's discovery of arsenic-eating life forms, it's pretty cool. I mean, these bacteria use the poisonous element and use it to build their DNA instead of phosphorus. Not only does it give a possible way to clean up any arsenic spills, it also gives a look to other possible life forms not on Earth. Seems like a pretty big deal.

So why is it so hard to find info on it? This is science. This is important. More important than a face-sucking session between Twilight stars, than that Delaware senator candidate and her book deal, than whether the brunette chick on Glee will get replaced. (Though that last one might not be a bad idea, I can't stand her voice or her character.) But seriously. Extraterrestrial life > pop culture.


Laura said...

Is it bad that every time I hear you say "sucking face", I flinch cuz I'm afraid you're talking about me?

mandachan said...

well, unless you're in twilight, i think you're fine :)

(but don't make me get my own squirt gun to put on you two, 'cause i will)