Wednesday, December 15, 2010

i could never be a housewife

Why? I start to go stir-crazy after about an hour of cooking.

And yes, I did just put that pun in there, completely accidentally.

As a Nasty Horrible Society member, I had to go to two freshman homerooms to collect money for our holiday toy drive. Mine were amazing. The agreement was that if they brought in $35 each, I'd make stuff. By the end I had $111. And per their requests, I spent the afternoon making chocolate cupcakes (with vanilla rainbow chip frosting), brownies and chocolate chip cookies. I am all baked out.

And now I get to do calc homework, and then go shopping at Target for all the money we got from the toy drive. Not to mention that I have to get up early tomorrow for the meeting at 7. Ugh.

But hey, I guess the cookie dough bits were worth all this...

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