Friday, December 3, 2010


Much to the dismay of some people whose opinions on this I don't care about, I'm falling victim to the masses of ridiculosity by participating in the Pokémon Profile Picture Month thing on Facebook. Mine is Umbreon, one of the seventy bajillion evolved forms of Eevee.
photo from the Pokémon Database
Afterwards, I realized that Umbreon looks vaguely similar to a creature from a movie I like a lot.
He really is :)  (photo from Bing Images)
The eyes, the ears, the coloring... just something to think about.


fencer_22 said...

Pokemon was just one of those things it's the common ground everyone our age shares, besides they were the best gameboy games ever made.

for now mine is scyther I may change it to Arcanine which I also alwayse thought was cool even though in the game training fire types was a huge pain and look I got sucked into rambling about pokemon, well now that I've thuroughly embaressed myself on the internet once again, I'll be off

mandachan said...

haha, it's ok. i found the online database with all of the pokemon, even the "new" ones, and all of their stats. i could care less about that, i just had a lot of fun looking at the pictures :)

and i was hemming and hawing between umbreon and growlithe.

Laura said...