Monday, November 29, 2010

old news

As the title suggests, this is old news, but I finished a scholarship essay this weekend that pertained to it and I find it interesting. The Pew Forum did a survey a while back about world religions and what people knew about what. There were all sorts of questions, ranging from religious figures and celebrations to US laws pertaining to religion, from various branches of Christianity to eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. I couldn't find the official 32-question quiz, but I got 14 out of 15 (93%) on the one they had on the site. (The question I got wrong was one about how communion is considered in the Catholic church, because they consider the bread and wine to actually turn into the body of Jesus, and honestly that's kinda gross...)

Why is this so interesting? According to the study, atheists and agnostics scored the highest. I find it great that the very people who are flogged for not believing in stuff are the same people that know more about said stuff than the people that do believe in it and are doing the flogging. (That was a horribly written sentence.) No, seriously, atheists and agnostics scored an average of 20.9 of the 32 questions correctly; Jews and Mormons also scored in the 20s. Everyone else .... didn't do quite so hot.

So the next time I get flogged for being an atheist (which will probably be once the new issue of the school paper comes out, considering my article), at least I can say that I know about what I don't believe in.

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The EGE said...

the OKCupid blog had something interesting to say about religion and dating. A really cool blog anyway, actually.