Monday, November 15, 2010

oh hey, that's cute

1, that yesterday's post was my 800th post and I totally missed it.

2, that the Sox picked up the waivers of pitcher Taylor Buchholz. Because having one pitcher by that almost impossible-to-spell last name wasn't enough.

3, we're only 1 day into Production Week and we've already suffered a major crisis 'cause the lightboard kinda blew up. I wish I was kidding. Our lighting person was trying to hook up a lamp so she can see what she's doing, but something happened when she turned it on, sparks flew (literally) and now the lightboard is fried. Oh, and did I mention that our show is on Friday? One of our cast members, who I'm friends with through journalism, said that if we don't get a new board by Friday, we should all just ditch and go see the 7th Harry Potter movie instead.

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