Monday, November 1, 2010

not this again...

As much as it sucks to wake up at 6 on a weekend, waking up at 3:45 on a weekday isn't exactly fun either. But hey, I get a day off from school to go to the Columbia Scholastic Press Conference in NYC.

So! I've been slacking majorly on recapping the World Series. Here goes.

Wednesday's game went to the Giants in a massive bullpen implosion. I started watching in about the 5th inning, score was tied at 2. When I stopped watching, after only about an inning 'cause I had stuff to do, the score was 8-2, Giants. They won the game 11-7. Not a good day for Cliff Lee or either bullpen (Timmy did fine).

Thursday's game also went to the Giants, a 9-0 rout. Again, that was a Rangers' bullpen implosion special.

Saturday's game went to the Rangers, final score was 4-2.

The Halloween game went to, naturally, the Black and Orange, putting them one win away from the World Series title with a 3-hit shutout from Madison Bumgarner. Score was 4-0.

Tonight's matchup is a repeat of last Wednesday, Lincecum vs. Cliff Lee. If the Rangers have any chance at regaining some ground, they better do it now. But really, it doesn't matter to me who wins. Makes up for last year's World Series from Hell, I guess.

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