Thursday, November 25, 2010

more changes

Same crap, different day. I suffer some sort of inferiority-based breakdown, start fighting with the EGE and while he's enjoying his day, eating that stupid mid-afternoon Thanksgiving meal, I'm stuck here to drown in my lack of self-efficacy.

Yup, that's right. More changes to the blog. I actually started this yesterday, by adding a Creative Commons license to the site. It's at the bottom of the page, basically says that readers can share anything on here as long as they credit it to me, they not use it for money-ish things and that they do the same with their work. I also cleaned up my sidebar a bit, and added a link to the Facebook page for the site (sorry, I got bored).

I also scoped out some blog badges to fill the now-empty sidebar. I didn't want it to turn into one massive advertisement thing, that wouldn't be cool. It was more to figure out what I want to promote on here. Things like being an atheist and supporting journalistic rights under the First Amendment. I'll figure something out.

As for content, I'll try to stay on top of important trades, mostly if they relate to the Sox, any of my favorite players or anyone else who is important. But since baseball coverage only gives me so much to talk about, and I'm not a horribly interesting person in real life, I'm expanding the "divided loyalty" theme to pretty much anything with controversy. If there's anything I like about journalism, it's saying what I want about anything, without having to worry about getting flogged for it...ehhh...ok, so maybe I do worry about getting flogged for what I write (rightfully so: this coming issue of the school paper had me, a devout atheist, denouncing how religious fuzzy-wuzzies celebrate holidays), but I still like being able to say what I want.

This is my last-ditch attempt to improve this blog. If this doesn't work, I just might have to ... I don't know, do something bad. Like not tone down any religious editorials I write for the paper, or intentionally write them so people get pissed at me. You know, more than they already are.

And I don't have a label for this post. Go me.

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